Gettin’ Freekeh With It: Review and Giveaway!

With maaaahh food that is! 😉🍴

Freekeh (actually pronounced farīkah) is the food in discussion here. It is an ancient whole grain that was created by accident 2000 years ago! Freekeh in Arabic means “to rub”. This delicious ancient grain was discovered when a village had to do just that in order to save their crops which had been set on fire. THANKS GUYS! ;P  … Today it is a young green wheat which is roasted and cracked during its production process.

So really, why do we eat this grain today? Well besides that is it super yummy, it has about 4x as much fiber as similar grains. It also has a low glycemic index; making it a good alternative on a diabetic diet. AND, similarly to quinoa, it has a great protein content for anyone on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Its texture is also just a great alternative to rice or quinoa or other grains when you need a little something different for your dish. It also makes it easy to incorporate in things you may not normally use whole grains in…. Like protein pancakes 😀

After being given Freekeh Foods original freekeh and rosemary sage freekeh, I have to say HOLY DELICIOUS. I was originally not sure what to think of this grain or how it may be different than other things I already use but it seriously impressed me!

I have used it stuffed in chicken


as a base for tuna salad for lunch, and I ground it up to use as a substitute for oat flour in my vanilla protein pancakes…

In addition to just as a traditional side with a vegetable medley of course.

I am absolutely in love with this food as well as this company. They took a basic food and gave it a little bit of pazazz 😉 And because they are so great they are giving ONE OF YOU LUCKY READERS your own bag to try for free! Time to #getyourfreekehon

Enter the giveaway HERE for a free bag of your own choice of Freekeh (Tamari, Rosemary Sage – my fav, or original)

And go check out Freekeh Foods ( ) to find out more about their story as well as see some of the awesome recipes they have on their site! 😀

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