Collagen: From Skeptic to Believer

Okay. Let’s just start off with the truth…

Anything that tells me it is going to strengthen my nails I usually roll my eyes at. For the better part of my life my nails have rebelled against me; no matter what I tried. The food, the “strengthening nail polish”, the oils, none of it ever made my nails stop peeling. It was especially bad anytime I painted my nails and sometimes, back me up here ladies; we just want to look good!

With that said, when judging somethings effectiveness I have always used the promise of “strengthening my nails” as the highest on the point system. If I could find something that actually accomplished that then I would sing its praise; which brings us to this article…

For some time my husband and I had been discussing trying collagen. However, to be honest I just didn’t know enough about it to take the plunge. How would it fit in my diet? Why did I need it? Would it really make a difference in anything?

After doing some research on how and why people use collagen as a part of their diet, we decided to order some from our favorite online marketplace – Thrive Market. We order the unflavored Thrive Market brand of grass-fed collagen. A few days later I was putting the very first scoop in my bulletproof coffee.

Now, taste wise, I would not recommend unflavored collagen on its own – unless you’re the type of person that likes cloudy tasteless drink HA – but in my coffee it was pretty darn good. It gave it a creamy and frothy nature, as if I was sipping on a nice latte but without the milk! I used it that first weekend as my pre-workout Saturday and Sunday morning. I loved how it made me feel during my workout and decided to keep exploring the benefits I might experience for this beautiful fine powder.

So let’s back track for a second. What is collagen? Collagen is a protein. It is actual the most found protein in our bodies; feeding our bones, muscles, tendons, skin, and digestive track. However, collagen production slows as we age. This is why products on the market today are advertising their collagen base. Women especially are pushed expensive face and body creams, makeup product, and pills that contain collagen. The less collagen our body produces the less support we have for our bones, skin, hair, nails, etc. So beauty products containing collagen are marketed as helping to reduce wrinkles, give us shiny hair, and strengthen our nails.

Now, should we make sure to have a higher collagen intake especially as we age? Yes. Does it need to come from overpriced and chemical filled creams? Absolutely not!

This is where powder collagen comes in. Collagen is found in animal based foods; primarily in bone broths. Unfortunately, most people don’t consume enough bone broth to fulfill a good collagen intake. Powder collagen is a great solution to this because of its versatility. It can be added to coffee, juice, water, smoothies… Really anything that you can dissolve a powder into you can add collagen too. Unflavored would be my pick if you want to really create the ability to be versatile with your collagen consumption because regardless what you add this to it will retain the flavors of the liquid you are putting it in.

Since I typically only consume bulletproof coffee on the weekends – mainly because I leave for work at 6am and value you my sleep – I had to find another way to get a consist intake of collagen. It started out slow, probably having it about 3x the first two weeks. I would add it in coffee when I did have bulletproof and when I did not I would throw it in a shaker bottle with the raw meal powder I have each morning for breakfast. Again, the lack of flavor meant there was no change to the taste of my usual shake in the morning. Recently, I have been making smoothies in the morning and throwing a scoop of collagen in those. Really there are so many ways you can make consuming this powder a habit! I have worked myself up to 5x a week that I incorporate this powder into my diet.

Now let’s talk about the results: Why do I keep taking this powder? What difference have I seen?

You may have guessed from how this article started, but the biggest thing I want to scream off a mountain top is MY NAILS ARE SO STRONG! It has been over a month and my nails would withstand any test! To put it in perspective, my nails were so thin and brittle before that I couldn’t even use them to pop open our pesky pepper shaker. Now, I am SHOCKED by how tough they are. My fingertips almost feel heavier because I am not used to nails that make their presence known. I am absolutely floored by this and I could honestly stop right there with that being the only benefit and I would be happy. But there’s more…

I am also very much prone to breakouts, especially during that time of the month. My monthly breakout was so much less substantial and cleared up faster than ever before. My skin looks and feels smoother. Luckily I am not at the point of worrying much about wrinkles but my skin feels so nice that I am confident if my intake of collagen continues I will put off the visibility of wrinkles for much than I would have otherwise.

Lastly, as I also briefly mentioned, I have loved how it makes me feel energy wise. I have longer sustained energy, my metabolism doesn’t miss a beat, and when I use this as part of my pre-workout routine I can feel the difference both during and after. Collagen helps promote lean muscle mass; working both during your exercise and following it. Gycine helps convert glucose into energy that feeds muscles – helping during your workout. Arginine increases the body’s ability to make protein out of other amino acids – helping with muscle repair as well as long term recovery and growth.

Now, there are many more benefits to collagen but I feel most confident in sharing with you what I myself have experienced during this trial with collagen. I am more than happy with my results and plan to continue supplementing with collagen for a long time to come.

Have you had any experience with collagen? Are you intrigued by the idea but unsure where to start?

I would love to hear from you!

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