Our June Challenge

Okay I am gonna be real for a second… postpartum weight loss is HARD.

There are so many factors that play into weight – body structure, consistent exercise, good eating habits, stress management, healthy daily habits… the list goes on. Unfortunately new mom life messes with ALL OF THOSE.

Your body structure has probably changed in a few ways. You are probably not sleeping enough and most likely more stressed than ever. Creating good daily habits for yourself becomes difficult when you are just trying to figure out the daily habits of a little being entirely dependent on you. Being able to find a consistent exercise routine can take time, and is often still thrown off by little one. The lines of good eating habits become blurred when you never have enough time to cook for yourself but, especially if you’re nursing, are hungry all the time. All these things combine to make losing weight as a newly postpartum woman seriously frustrating.

We are in month 8 of the journey at our house and things are finally beginning to level out. Our daughter is sleeping a solid 11-12 hours through the night (98% of the time) so our sleep is improving. If you read my last blog post you know that thanks to Fit4Mom Austin my exercise routine has become a lot more consistent. While our little one adapts pretty well to a schedule, she is still an infant so daily stress levels fluctuate. But the area that has remained difficult to wrangle is the eating.

For a variety of reasons, my eating habits postpartum have been inconsistent to say the least. Most days I definitely don’t eat enough so come dinner time (and beyond) I struggle with wanting to eat EVERYTHING. Every day I am wrapped up in the schedule for my little one that my own meals take the back burner. We are either rushing to get out the door so she gets the good breakfast and I get a whatever the quickest snack is to grab or we are running a ton of errands after our workout class so she gets to nurse and nom on her pouches and snacks but I fail to remember to bring something for myself along.

Most of my meals throughout the day have been looking more like …… then they have actual meals.

Unfortunately eating habits can easily spiral. While I’m glad I wasn’t eating donuts and fast food every day, snacks requiring no cooking and grabbing a quick coffee on the go can are habits that can become so easy its addictive.

Thankfully I have a fantastic man around that I get to call my husband. Looking at the whirlwind that has been our eating, he suggested we take the month of June and reset. Usually I would want to do a good full cleanse but, being that we are still nursing, that isn’t in the cards for me. However, I CAN still make well overdue changes. SO for the month of June we are cleaning it up in our house!

Our June Challenge is to get back to a lifestyle we lived well for some time. We are going to be following a 90% paleo diet, with a couple planned exceptions –  like my organic raw meal protein. [Remember: some things may not fit into specific diet outlines but may be necessary for your own individual health needs] We are doing once weekly planned cheat meal dates and a drink allowance (to include 4 glasses of wine and one coffee outside the home per week).

I am anxious – mostly because I know that my eating has been very much a productive of my daily schedule but even more so because that has also been a really convenient excuse. You can follow along with our challenge journey by following me on Instagram. I will also be documenting any tips and tricks I find for all the other busy moms out there! I’ll do another post at the end of the month with results, do’s/dont’s, and some snack/meal ideas.

Cheers to a fresh start! Wish us luck! 

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