Counting Calories… (Part Two)

…And Why It Has NOTHING To Do With Clean Healthy Eating     In part one of this discussion, we talked, or you listened to me rant, about why the concept of counting calories is absolutely absurd and does no one on a weight loss journey any good at all. I know that I knocked youContinue reading “Counting Calories… (Part Two)”

Counting Calories …

… And Why You Need To Stop PART ONE     Disclaimer: If you are prepping for a body building, bikini, physique competition or something along those lines then you may be excused. I am not directing this at you.     For the rest of us… If your livelihood does not depend on tracking the exact number of grams ofContinue reading “Counting Calories …”

Don’t ya know, PUMP IT UP!

YOU GOT TO PUMP IT UP! No but seriously…   Music has a HUGE affect on us! H U G E. People listen to music in the car, to study, at the gym, at parties, when they’re bored. People pick up singing and playing instruments as past times and hobbies even without any intention of using it as aContinue reading “Don’t ya know, PUMP IT UP!”

MA! Where’s the PROTEIN?!

Ahhh, supplements. Glorious glorious supplements. These little devils are the subject of probably the biggest “should I, shouldn’t I” debate in fitness. I’m gonna go ahead and just straighten this out right way… If this is something you’ve spent time really considering, chances are it’s because you should. BUT that does not mean you should run right now and buy out allContinue reading “MA! Where’s the PROTEIN?!”

We’re Our Own Worst Enemy

So it’s Monday morning… Your alarm goes off. 5am?! Already? Reaaaally?! You automatically hit the snooze button. Then, what seems like 30 seconds later, you hear that horrible noise again. 5:30am. You sit up and rub your eyes as you look disappointingly at the clock. You glance over at your sneakers sitting across the roomContinue reading “We’re Our Own Worst Enemy”

Finding Your Niche in the Fitness World

Everyone is different right? We’ve all heard this day in and day out. Even though we hear it often, it tends to go in one ear and out the other. However, this is probably one of the most important things I could touch upon when talking about fitness, especially for people just starting out or trying to reallyContinue reading “Finding Your Niche in the Fitness World”

This Thing Called Fitness

How many times have you seen a professional athlete, body builder, CrossFit games competitor (in my case) achieve something and think “HOLY SH*T! I could never do that” ? How many times have you heard a trainer, coach, fitness expert, nutritionist talk about getting in shape and staying fit and think “yeah that’s easy forContinue reading “This Thing Called Fitness”