Goal Digger: June Challenge Recap

If you’ve been following my page you’re aware that my husband and I had challenged ourselves to clean up our eating habits. If you’re new to my journey, let me give you a quick recap: Our June Challenge was to get back to a healthier lifestyle. We had gotten too comfortable with eating “conveniently” afterContinue reading “Goal Digger: June Challenge Recap”

Our June Challenge

Okay I am gonna be real for a second… postpartum weight loss is HARD. There are so many factors that play into weight – body structure, consistent exercise, good eating habits, stress management, healthy daily habits… the list goes on. Unfortunately new mom life messes with ALL OF THOSE. Your body structure has probably changedContinue reading “Our June Challenge”

Infant Food Allergy Prevention: Why You Should Care

We all think we know about food allergies and sensitivities. I mean how can we avoid it these days, right? Everywhere you look things are labeled “gluten free”, “dairy free”, “made in a facility with nuts”. So what is happening and how can we stop it? Food allergies are on the rise with 1 inContinue reading “Infant Food Allergy Prevention: Why You Should Care”

I’m Not Superwoman. I’m a Mom.

Moms put themselves last. Moms do everything for their kids, their families, and nothing for themselves. Moms don’t have any needs of their own. Moms run on empty and totally kick ass doing it… … That is until they don’t. Moms are superheroes. That is the image that we perpetuate. Moms are these beings whoContinue reading “I’m Not Superwoman. I’m a Mom.”

#FitPregnancy: What It Really Means to Be Pregnant and “Fit”

In recent years the #fitpregnancy movement has truly exploded. We see so many women today conquering this whole pregnancy thing while still being complete fitspiration. From the women still completing Crossfit Opens to the women in belly popping handstands to the ones running marathons at 30 weeks. It has become more and more apparent that we areContinue reading “#FitPregnancy: What It Really Means to Be Pregnant and “Fit””

Collagen: From Skeptic to Believer

Okay. Let’s just start off with the truth… Anything that tells me it is going to strengthen my nails I usually roll my eyes at. For the better part of my life my nails have rebelled against me; no matter what I tried. The food, the “strengthening nail polish”, the oils, none of it everContinue reading “Collagen: From Skeptic to Believer”