My Acceptance Is Resilience … Not Defeat: Crossfitter Turned Yogi

If you’re follower of my site, you know that I have always been all about all things Crossfit. I have so many posts that rave about how Crossfit completely changed my life… And well it did… But sometimes life throws things at you that make you change again; change from the person you thought youContinue reading “My Acceptance Is Resilience … Not Defeat: Crossfitter Turned Yogi”

Endometriosis Awareness:Chronic Illness May Change Your Journey

NEVER GIVE UP I started my journey into the world of health and fitness four years ago this month. Four years ago this month is when I first walked into a Saturday CrossFit class and had my life turned upside down *Will Smith voice* 😛 … But really… I finally found something that triggered aContinue reading “Endometriosis Awareness:Chronic Illness May Change Your Journey”

All Natural Everything: My Adventure into Homemade Shampoo

When you deal with health issues it forces you to assess and re-evaluate all pieces of your lifestyle; be it the food you are eating, your exercise regime (or maybe lack thereof), your stress level, your household, and also your personal products… The things that we use on a regular basis in our homes areContinue reading “All Natural Everything: My Adventure into Homemade Shampoo”

Holy Suction!: My 1st Experience with Cupping

Cupping. Oh my word. I had my first experience with cupping this past week and I have ALL THE FEELS. First, let me just say that the way I felt post-cupping has made me an instant believer in this practice. HOWEVER, the thoughts of how I felt during the cupping sesh leave me paralyzed. ButContinue reading “Holy Suction!: My 1st Experience with Cupping”

Homemade Face Scrubs

I have always loved homemade scrubs; body, face, hands, feet, you name it! Though I will admit that I have not been as on top of making my own scrubs as I’d like to be. Well it’s time for that to change! As I prepare for my wedding (10 month countdown! 😬😁😳), I have doneContinue reading “Homemade Face Scrubs”

When Being Healthy Wasn’t Enough

My Fight With Endometriosis 3 months. It has been 3 months since I last posted. I have had many a topic up my sleeve, started writing, never finished. There are many reasons for why my time has just been cut so short and left the blog lacking. It could be the fact that I startedContinue reading “When Being Healthy Wasn’t Enough”

Starting: The Scariest and Most Important Step

Whether you’ve never done an air squat in your life, you “used to be in shape back in the day” and have fallen off, or you just took a short hiatus from working out… It is always the idea of that first workout, the daunting thought of starting (or starting again), that paralyzes us.  EvenContinue reading “Starting: The Scariest and Most Important Step”

What I’m Learning From Not Being Able to do “The Open”

Disclaimer: This is NOT, IN ANY WAY, advocating for not doing the Open. In fact, I would like to take a second to say that if you do Crossfit and you answer yes to any of the following you should ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT ANY HESITATION SIGN UP FOR THE OPEN  Are you competitive? Do you haveContinue reading “What I’m Learning From Not Being Able to do “The Open””

New Year’s Goals: Why Goal Setting is More Important Than Resolution Setting

As we begin the 2nd full week of January we are full swing into the new year. Which means that most likely everyone who set their same epic New Year’s resolutions of losing 10lbs or getting abs are either going hard or stepping back realizing that they actually have no idea how to really makeContinue reading “New Year’s Goals: Why Goal Setting is More Important Than Resolution Setting”

Learning Zone: Bacon and Jalapeños Cauliflower Biscuits

Okay so, I am not setting “resolutions” for this year because I don’t believe in them… But there will be more to come on that in a post tomorrow… However, one thing I am doing is making an effort to really “zone” in on my nutrition (teehee … get it? … maybe not… I’ll explain)Continue reading “Learning Zone: Bacon and Jalapeños Cauliflower Biscuits”