Happy (Paleo) Holidays: My Infamous “Surprise Them” Truffles

So it is mid-December. We are exactly half way to Christmas. 😀 I am sure the holiday plans are all starting to unfold. The office parties are coming up. The friendly gatherings. The family nights. If any of you are like my friends and family, most of our gatherings revolve around yummy foods… and wine 😉Continue reading “Happy (Paleo) Holidays: My Infamous “Surprise Them” Truffles”

Managing Your Time: Making Fitness A Priority

With the holiday season in full swing, one of things that begins to happen is that the chaos of the holidays can quickly and easily derail our fitness train. It is easy to allow that growing to do list become the thing standing in the way of us following our normal workout routine or squeezingContinue reading “Managing Your Time: Making Fitness A Priority”

Holly Jolly Recap: Week 2

So here we are again. Another Sunday left reflecting on what the last week of my “Holly Jolly” challenge has brought me… To remind you of where we last left off, I was just starting to experiment with “zoning” my carbs in the effort to eat more food (as instructed by my coach). I hadContinue reading “Holly Jolly Recap: Week 2”

Holly Jolly Week 1 Recap

If you read my previous post on the holidays, you know about the challenge I am participating in with my Crossfit box. If you didn’t, go check it out ;P Basically it is a 6 week food tracking and working out challenge. Now, my workout regime has remained pretty consistent. I have been adding aContinue reading “Holly Jolly Week 1 Recap”

Don’t Let the Holidays Weigh You Down!

The holidays are HANDS DOWN the time that most people fall victim to indulgences and susceptible to weight gain or falling off their fitness train… So how do we battle that? The key is to go into the holiday season with extra focus. Find a way to ensure that you are staying on track andContinue reading “Don’t Let the Holidays Weigh You Down!”